Terms & Conditions

To make a reservation

Simply call us to check availability or send us an email from the cottage’s page or via our contact page. If we have the dates you require we ask you to reserve the accommodation with a non-refundable deposit by credit card. Unless otherwise agreed, the balance is payable before, or on arrival. No cottage will be made available until payment has been made in full. We will then forward you a confirmation by email with all the details relevant to your booking. No booking is confirmed until a confirmation has been sent. Your confirmed booking is made with Cottages for Couples Ltd.

Your property will be available from 4pm on the day of arrival until 11am on the day of departure. In certain circumstances we can arrange earlier occupancy, but this is by prior agreement only. There is no provision for a late checkout. Guests who do not respect the departure times may be charged at our discretion.

For stays of one week or longer, the balance of your rental is payable four weeks prior to the date of your arrival.

  • All rates are euros and are inclusive of VAT
  • Rates based on minimum 2 night stay based on two sharing. Min. 2 night stay at weekends.
  • One night stays are subject to availability (supplement of €30 applies for one night stays where possible)
  • Rates may change during public holidays, school holidays and certain prime dates.

The following are included in our rates:

  • Cottage rental on days as agreed
  • All electricity, hot water and central heating
  • Linen and towels
  • Weekly change of linen/towels.

Cancellation Policy & Charges for Damage/Misuse

In all of our properties we adopt the same cancellation policy. We feel it is important to make guests aware of their liabilities in the event of having to cancel a pre-booked stay. When making a booking, we require a non-refundable deposit to be paid by credit or debit card. No booking is accepted without a deposit.

As a small business we are particularly vulnerable to guests who cancel close to the day of their arrival or curtail their stay for whatever reason and so we advise all guests to avail of travel insurance which includes cancellation cover (see below for links). If a guest cancels more than four weeks in advance of their arrival date, we reserve the right to retain the booking deposit. If a guest cancels less than four weeks in advance of their arrival or curtails their stay for whatever reason, we reserve the right to charge the full price of the booking. In this event where we have enough time to replace the booking with an alternative, revenue earned will be used to offset some, or all, of the cancellation charges (less any ancillary costs). Any cancellation charges will be debitted from the card used to make the booking. In practice this means that usually, but not always, our guests do not incur cancellation charges. We reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time and in this event our liabilities are limited to a full refund of any monies paid. If guests do not accept these terms and conditions they are able to cancel their booking within 24 hours of sending a confirmation without incurring penalties. Failure to do so implies acceptance of these conditions.

If a guest does not arrive by 18.00 we always endeavour to contact the guest. If a guest is not contactable and has not arrived by 18.00 we reserve the right to treat the booking as a cancellation and cancellation charges apply. Any outstanding balance will be debitted from the card used to make the booking.

We always suggest guests take out travel insurance which includes cancellation cover and since this costs from as little as €12 for a short break, we think it is worthwhile. Here are a couple of links to help you:

We don’t recommend any particular company and these are just some examples.

You’ll find plenty of others on the internet…

Security Deposit

A security deposit is required.  If you have paid a deposit by Laser or credit card, this card will be used as a guarantee against damage or if the cottage is left in an unsatisfactory condition. If the cottage requires extra cleaning a charge of €50 is applicable. Any damage or misuse of facilities that may lead to loss of revenue will also be charged at cost of repair, replacement or revenue lost. We also reserve the right to charge a call-out fee at our discretion if corrective measures are necessary due to misuse or carelessness by you, the guest. If you have not paid a deposit by card then a deposit of €200 in cash is payable on arrival. This will be returned to you after our housekeeper has inspected the property on your departure. If guests do not accept these terms and conditions they are able to cancel their booking within 24hours of sending a confirmation without incurring penalties. Failure to do so implies acceptance of these conditions.

Gift Vouchers

If you are using a Gift Voucher to pay for some, or all, of your stay we still require a booking deposit of €100. This deposit will be refunded to your card (minus any balance due) upon presentation of the voucher at check in.

Housekeeping issues

All cottages are cleaned and inspected prior to each arrival. Our staff are only human and therefore we accept that on rare occasions something might have been missed or overlooked. If this is the case, the renter must inform us without delay so that this can be remedied. Failure to do this implies complete satisfaction with the cottage. All our cottages are situated in rural locations and we are proactive in ensuring that any wildlife (spiders, flies, slugs, mice, bats and so on) remain outside of the cottages. On very rare occasions one of the above may get past our defences and whilst these are not harmful, we accept that some guests may have phobias regarding such issues. If this applies to you we respectfully suggest that you do not book one of our cottages.

Bat Conservation*

During the months of July, August and September, the Irish bat (known as the pipistrelle) arrives on the scene. These months are what is termed the ‘maternal’ time for bats when the females give birth to a single baby. These babies take about 3 months before they are able to fly and then, usually, the bats move on to a place for hibernation.  You will rarely, if ever, see a bat during daylight hours. They usually come out after dusk to hunt for insects such as midges which is their staple diet. A single bat can consume over 3000 insects in a single night so they are doing us a favour.

A large number of our guests live in urban areas such as Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Galway and are not used to experiencing bats at night so let us clear up a few misconceptions

• bats are protected by law (1976 Wildlife Act). They must not be disturbed or killed.
• bats are not dangerous, they do not carry disease
• bats are not rodents.
• bats are afraid of humans and try to stay away from people as best they can
• without bats, humans would be in trouble. Bats help control insect populations, reseed deforested land, and pollinate plants, including many that we eat. Researchers and scientists also learn from bats to improve medicine and technology.

Whilst all of the above is true, we accept that bats also look a bit freaky so we take care, in all of our cottages, to make sure they cannot get inside a cottage. The only way a bat will get into your cottage is if you leave doors and windows open at night – so you have to play your part – so don’t leave the door open when you decide to have a dip in the hot-tub at night.

In the unlikely event that a bat gets into your cottage, here’s what to do?

Don’t panic. Don’t vacate the room when you see a bat. They can disappear very quickly when left alone. Simply sit still and wait for the bat to land. Quickly put your hand over it (you can use a cloth or towel) and hang it on a wall outside. Never put it in a hedge.
Remember that we have to co-exist with these creatures – they won’t harm you so, please, don’t harm them.

*Information from: Dr Kate McAney, The Vincent Wildlife Trust